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  • Oil & gas project:
    Oil & Gas project ( Mechanical):   Ain Azmer had the ability to carry out the construction activities for oil & gas projects, including the Pipeline, Piping, storage tanks, Structures,...
  • General Contracting
    General Contracting:    Ain Azmer can provide all the needed requirements for general contracting, including logistic, transportation, labor, and any purchasing type of materials....
  • Civil
    Civil:   Ain Azmer had the ability to carry out all the construction's activities of civil projects, including access roads, cellar concrete, camp area with all it is details and...
  • Pipeline & piping
    Pipeline & piping and Storage tanks projects:    Ain Azmer already has the required experiences to carry out all the construction & fabrication of Pipeline, Piping and storage tanks. Furthermore,...
  • Pressure Vessels fabrication
    Pressure Vessels fabrication:     Ain Azmer can carry out this type of projects, including the needed Sources, furthermore, we have an agreements with several USA companies (Process international engineering company,...
  • Logistic Service
    Logistic Service: Professionalism and quality services being rendered by Ain Azmer Company for over past two decades has made AAC the most credible name in the Logistics and Construction sectors...

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